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+90 212 6718057

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Otomotion has a great automation solution for Rotary Knife Cut to Length Automation. This application is also called cross cutter which cuts like a scissor in a synchrone zone.  This compact solution can drive universal drives and motors independent any brand. This  flexibility means  second chance to your existing DC drives and motors, fast refurbishment and economic solution. Of course it is also available for your brand new applications. The remote I/O system can take additional I/O in case your further need. Our package has double Rotary Knife application as standard which is common in the industry. This application generally is used corrugated board or tough plastics etc.

Rotary Knife-Cutter Automation Package

Rotary Knife Automation Döner Makas Otomasyonu

EM7004 - 4 Axis I/O

  • 4 Encoder Input 400Khz.
  • 4 Analog Input 16 bit.
  • 16 Digital Input  (hızlı)
  • 16 Digital Output (hızlı)
  • Has no Firmware / Program.
  • Easy plug connection.


  • 7” TFT Touch Display, LED backlight,
  • Ethernet interface for remote service via Internet or host computer connection.
  • USB interface for recipe storage.
  • Suitable for any Rotary Knife application.
  • Supports  universal DC or AC Servo Drives&Motors .
  • Double (top-lower) Rotary Knife  together.
  • Automatic production planing interface (option).
Rotating Knife (Slave)Measuring Whell (Master)

If you have any trouble with your cutting appllication, ring us, we can refurbish easily and painless.