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+90 212 6718058

+90 212 6718057

a Beckhoff System Partner …

Otomotion has a great WTC ( Wall Thickness Control) solution for Plastic Blow Molding machines. It is economic and also functional solution to meet general WTC control needs. This WTC solution can meet either accu head or continuous extrusion type  blow molding machine needs. It has also good quantity of I/O to meet extra control needs related with the WTC.

WTC (Parison Control Package)


  • EK1100 EtherCAT Bus Coupler  
  • EL1008 Digital Input
  • EL2008 Digital Output
  • EL3002 Analog Input
  • EL4032 Analog Output

2250 €



  • 7” TFT Touch Display, LED backlight,
  • Ethernet interface for remote service via Internet or host computer connection.
  • USB interface for recipe storage.
  • Suitable for all hydraulic / electric Blow Molding machines.
  • Supports Proportional or Servo valves.
  • Suitable for Accu Head Blow Molding Machines.
  • Suitable for Continuous Ektrusion Blow Molding Machines.
  • Integrated 140 Points Parison (WTC) Controller.
  • Lineer or Polinomial Interpolation with infinite samples.
  • Closed Loop or Open Loop Controller.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive design of visulation.
WTC ( Parison ) ControlWTC ( Parizon ) Kontrol