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eMold is an integrated solution for cost-sensitive injection molding applications. 9 inch’lik CP6616-1004 Panel PC with Intel® Atom™ processor is used as an integrated control and operating solution. It features a special I/O board for injection molding machines that is linked via EtherCAT and corresponding technology software. The key arrangement of the eMold Panel is optimised for injection molding processes and is designed to suit most applications. Clearly, an important factor for the acceptance of a machine by operators is ergonomic, intuitive operation. Thanks to the distinction between the attractive, ergonomic design and programming of the actual operating logic, machine manufacturers are able to customise their user interfaces very quickly and flexibly.

Plastic Injection Automation Package

EM8908 I/O Board  

  • EtherCAT Interface  2  EtherCAT RJ45  
  • Power Supply  24 VDC (-15 %/+20 %), Separate power supply for IO and Bus Interface  
  • Digital Inputs  32  24 VDC, Combined sink / source inputs  
  • Counter Input  1  Combined sink / source inputs  
  • Digital Outputs  42  Imax = 2.0 A, 60% at the same time, Switch to ground, PNP Short circuit protection  
  • Digital Outputs  8  Imax = 0,5 A, Switch to plus, NPN Short circuit protection  
  • Relay Outputs  6  Relay make contact, 250 VAC / 30 VDC, max 1 A.  
  • Analogue Inputs for Potentiometer incl. Power supply  4  0..10 V, resolution 16 bit (incl. sign)
  • Separate power supply for each channel with over current   and short Circuit protection (max. 500 mA), Feed Voltage 10 V @ typ. 300 mA. Accuracy ±5%, 1 ms update Time  
  • Analogue Inputs  2  0..10 V, resolution 16 bit (incl. sign), Accuracy ±5%, 1 ms update Time
  • Thermocouple Inputs  8  Type K (Range -200°C … +1,370°C) ype J (Range -100°C ... +1,200°C)  
  • Analogue Outputs  4  Single-ended output, ±10 V, resolution 12 bit Weight  App. 1.5 kg  
  • Dimensions  310 mm x 200 mm x 38 mm  
  • Operating/storage temperature  0…+55°C / -25…+85°C  

CP6616-1004 PANEL PC

  • 9” TFT display  LED backlight keypad for injection molding applications, 72 membrane keys,
  • Ethernet interface for remote service via Internet or host computer connection.
  • USB interface for recipe storage.
  • Suitable for all hydraulic injection  molding machines.
  • Supports Injection control via the  central pump or servo-valves
  • Supports toggle levers and linear  injection units  
  • Suitable for servo pumps
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