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a Beckhoff System Partner …

Otomotion has a great automation solution for Plastic Blow Molding. Special outputs is to used for digital or proportional hydraulic valves which ensures long life and simplicity in the electrical cabinet. CP6201 or CP2612 Panel PC, overcomes  high performance control and visulations needs. Moreover that, TT67 LED Push Button Pannel with EtherCAT interface, meets the most Blow Molding application needs. TT67’s button arrangement can be re-define as ergonomic your operator operations by the ease of TT67’s label pockets. This compact solution can accept any expansion about communication or I/O or servo motor&drives as much as you need.

Plastic Blow Molding Automation Package

TT67 LED & Push Button Pannel

  • EtherCAT Interface  2  EtherCAT RJ45  
  • 6 Row x 7 Column  Total 42 KEYS with Led
  • Label Pockets for Custom  Labelling
  • USB powered by a standart USB Cable to PC
  • No intelligence inside.
  • 200x300 mm. Anodised Aluminum frame.

Our Blow Molding Automation solution has been applied to more than  20 machines and we are increasing this quantity day by day.

We have refurbished the machines brands like UNILOY, BEKUM, MAUSER, KAUTEX, FISCHER has good reputation at the market by our Blow Molding  solution. Thanks a lot our customers trusting us…

CP6201 or CP2612 PANEL PC

  • 12” or 15” TFT Touch Display, LED backlight,
  • Ethernet interface for remote service via Internet or host computer connection.
  • USB interface for recipe storage.
  • Suitable for all hydraulic Blow Molding machines.
  • Supports Proportional or Servo valves.
  • Suitable for Akku Head Blow Molding Machines.
  • Suitable for Continuous Ektrusion Blow Molding Machines.
  • Integrated 160 Points Parison (WTC) Controller.
  • Integrated 160 Points Injection Profile Controller.
  • Integrated 160 Points PWDS Profile Controller.
  • Supports Servo motor-drives.
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